The Great American Cowboy built this country with strong hands and a lonely heart. He brought beef to the north and tamed the west. He spent his nights under lonely stars by a camp fire and spent his days roping, riding and fighting the elements -- and some lived to tell about it. The history of the cowboy's life is written in books and songs. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and John Wayne immortalized him in the movies.

Since 1950, he Taylor Rodeo Association has proudly brought to you the Taylor Annual Rodeo in the home town of Bill Pickett. The crowds that come to this yearly event have grown because of the enthusiasm and the excitement, but most of all for the entertainment they receive.

Over the years the Taylor Annual Rodeo has become the big fish in a small pond. It is one of the biggest and best small-town rodeos anywhere. Crowds at the event exceed expectations every year, and every year more and more people come out to Taylor to experience rodeo at it's finest.

Taylor's rodeo is different because of the tremendous amount of crowd participation. The crowd can join in such events as the Calf Scramble and Steer Saddling. The rodeo cowboys who ride in the Taylor Annual Rodeo do not carry a membership card. This is an open rodeo; a place where you can watch local people rope and ride. Some of the cowboys you get to see are the future of the sport. CPRA riders are welcome, since this is an open event, but they may not come away with the check.